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DREAM Refill

DREAM Refill

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Say goodbye to your cache of empty Little Balm bottles and hello to our new DREAM refill bottle. A selection of your favourite LB essentials are now available for refill at the comfort of your home!

Housed in a glass bottle, your selected DREAM product comes in 3-5 times the quantity of your little container, which can now be refilled over and over again.

  • Facial Mask: DETOX (150g)
  • Facial Mask: GLOW (150g)
  • Facial Mask: RESTORE (150g)
  • MATCHA Cleansing Grains (150g)
  • CHERISH Baby Oil (180mL)
  • ROSIE Facial Toner (180mL)
  • SHIELD Hand Sanitiser (180mL)
  • UNICORN Multitask Oil (180mL)

Once you're finished with your product, give your DREAM bottle a good clean and repurpose it - take it along to shop at your favourite bulk food retailer or local market, propagate your plant babies, turn it into your pantry jar or drinking bottle.

Your DREAM refill bottle comes with a free stainless steel funnel* to help you refill your product. The funnel can be cleaned easily and reused indefinitely.

*Don't forget to select your free funnel from the drop-down list and add to cart!


To use:

Please sterilise your little container before refilling it with new product.


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Customer Reviews

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What a good idea!

So good not to have a million small bottles lying around (I mean they are cute but after a while I run out of uses and storage), so these bigger refillable bottles are great.
I love carrying around my small spray bottle of SHIELD hand sanitiser so when it ran out, it was so easy to just refill from the DREAM bottle.
The free funnel is very nifty and made it all too easy.