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Sugar Scrub: MATCHA

Sugar Scrub: MATCHA

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A delicious and healing blend of organic ingredients packed with minerals and antioxidants. Delicately removes dead skin cells and protects the skin from UV damage and unwanted bacteria, revealing healthy and glowing skin.


Ingredients (*organic) & known properties:

  • Raw sugar*: exfoliates, conditions, protects skin from toxins
  • Virgin coconut oil*: hydrates and retains moisture, reduces inflammation
  • Sweet almond oil*: retains moisture, prevents blackheads and acne, protects skin from UV damage
  • Fair trade green tea*: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, protects against UV damage
  • Matcha*: tightens skin, reduces redness from acnes, promotes even complexion
  • Non-GMO vitamin E: protects and restores skin, soothes irritated skin


To use:

Massage gently over damp skin in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Store in a cool and dry location away from direct sunlight and water.


Net weight: 220g

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