Every Little Balm creation is lovingly handcrafted in small batches in our home studio in Sydney.

All ingredients used are 100% natural, sustainable and fair trade. There are no harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances/ colours. Every product has been tested on our kind, willing family and friends, never on animals.



This journey began when I was pregnant with my first child in 2016 and learnt about the amount of toxins in our commercial skincare products that gets absorbed into the bloodstream. In this my eyes were open to a new world of green goodness in my study of natural ingredients. Replacing conventional products with my handmade natural creations, I noticed a tangible, positive change not only in my skin but also my well-being and lifestyle. I practised slowing down from the busyness of life and being present in the moment.

Little Balm is run by one pair of hands and one big heart (mostly when the kids are asleep). Not only do I hope to share clean products that are safe, effective and skin loving with others, it is also my hope that Little Balm will become part of your self care routine and encourage you to pause each day to breathe and care for yourself.